The PROGROUP Intervention

The PROGROUP intervention is a complex intervention with multiple interacting components. It is informed by the social identity approach to health (Haslam et al., 2018), and in particular the social identity model of behaviour change (Tarrant et al., 2020), which prioritises the establishment of shared social identity between intervention recipients. By structuring group sessions in ways that build meaningful connections between intervention recipients, leading to shared social identity, PROGROUP lays the foundation for delivery of wider intervention content leading to behavioural change.

The development of the PROGROUP intervention was guided by the Medical Research Council guidelines for developing and evaluating complex interventions. We undertook a 4-phase programme of work, comprising: (1) identification of the health problem and development of intervention objectives; (2) determination of intervention mechanisms of action and programme content, including identification of principal behavoiur change techniques; (3) intervention manualisation, including development of facilitator and participant materials; and (4) feasibility testing and intervention optimisation.

Version 1 of the PROGROUP intervention, which is being subjected to a feasibility trial in 2022, comprises 12 group sessions and 3 one-to-one sessions, delivered across a 5-month period. The group sessions deliver core intervention content and focuses on supporting behaviour change targeting dietary behaviour, physical activity and individual psychology. The one-to-one sessions are designed to enable personalisation of the programme and support any necessary referrals (e.g., for additional intervention). The outcomes from the feasibility trial inform revisions to the intervention and accompanying materials ahead of a planned definitive trial of the intervention in 2023-2026.

For more information about the social identity approach to health, and the social identity model of behavour change, please see:
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