Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)

We regularly consult with our Patient Advisory Group (PAG), as part of our Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) work across the South West and North West of England.

PPI is about ensuring that we consider the needs of people affected by obesity in the research process. Examples of areas where we have benefitted from this involvement include: developing our recruitment approach, developing the intervention, ensuring our research materials are accessible and acceptable to people living with obesity.

Setting up and continuing our PPI work during COVID-19 has been challenging, but we held online training and introductions for the team and meetings via zoom, with those who have felt comfortable to get involved in this way. During this period, the PPI groups have worked with us to:

PPI Introduction – Steve Perry

Steve Perry represents the patient voice, giving insight into the patients’ experience of being supported by Tier 3 services through weight loss. He created and leads a wider Patient Advisory Group (PAG) which is central to the research programme. Our PAG actively inputs the user stakeholder view into the research process. It also reviews drafts of participant materials, such as information sheets, and supports dissemination activities. Steve is a self-employed electrician, with a passion for helping people who are dealing with the issues he has been through. He holds experience of weight management programmes, and is committed to helping others by sharing his own experiences. Steve is also chairperson of a Weight management support group and undertakes a variety of voluntary work with both Livewell and The University of Plymouth.