Parallel studies

Process Evaluation

The process evaluation will include interviews with participants, facilitators, service managers and trainers alongside various quantitative measures, including session feedback questionnaires. As well as helping us understand the mechanisms by which PROGROUP may function, the process evaluation work will show us whether PROGROUP is being delivered and received as it is designed to. Innovatively, the team will also be drawing on audio and video data to assess these mechanisms and to better understand the group processes that can influence how PROGROUP is delivered to and experienced by patients. These data will be used to optimise the intervention ahead of the main trial.

The specific objectives of the process evaluation are to:
• Ascertain the feasibility and acceptability of outcome measures, trial processes, intervention and training package.
• Ascertain the fidelity to intervention form and function and training delivery.
• Understand mechanisms of action of PROGROUP
• Assess contamination potential and organisational and policy contexts.

Economic Evaluation

The team are currently developing the economic model and setting up processes to estimate the cost of delivering the PROGROUP intervention. A resource use questionnaire for participants has been developed in partnership with the wider research team, including a representative of the patient group.